Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation: Official figures state, that 30% of heat is lost through the fabric of your dwelling, if not properly insulated, ‘Heat Rises’ and is therefore lost through the roof of your home.

Most older houses in Ireland have only 100mm of insulation, fitted in the attic, at ceiling level and the vast majority are poorly ventilated.

Current regulations require 300mm of insulation at ceiling level, [this process reduces your overall heating bills by 30%] in most cases your home will need a 200mm top up of earthwool insulation.

Earth-Wool uses Ecose’ technology, which gives excellent thermal performance, it’s also non combustible and acts as a great sound barrier within the home.

By bringing attic insulation’s up-to regulations, you will save money on your heating bills, be more comfortable in your own home, and do your bit to help save the environment.

Adding more insulation in the attic

Ventilation is as important as the insulation itself; if left un-vented, moisture will naturally build up, causing problems such as damp, mould and potential respiratory issues with the occupants.

Holt Insulations offer different types of ventilation to eliminate these problems, such as; soffit ventilation, tile vents, and other solutions available upon request. Additional services include: Attic Retrofits, Loft & Attic Ladders, Raised Loft Flooring, Home Improvements

Grants are available for attic insulations from the SEAI [upto €1500] for houses built and occupied before 2011, please contact us for more information, and a FREE survey.

attic insulation

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